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The work of ISS:

ISS provides school and other books in Braille

ISS runs a "Talking Books" service for the blind and visually handicapped, supplying CDs and audio recordings of books of every kind

ISS provides education services to blind and partially sighted people with the main emphasis on children.

ISS cooperates with the only school for blind and partially sighted children, the school being State run. It is a boarding school for visually handicapped children from all over Mongolia. But travelling to take a child to the school and back home for school holidays is more than most rural families can afford. Thus ISS is assisting the Mongolian State with its policy of trying to make it possible for visually handicapped children to live at home and be integrated into ordinary State schools.

One major role is to help run training courses for the parents and teachers of visually handicapped children. CBM will often send a skilled and experienced specialist to assist in teaching in such a course. Over the years, ISS has faciliated many of these courses. All is done with the full co-operation of the Mongolian Ministry of Education.

Since eye testing is of such poor quality in Mongolia, ISS, with the aid of CBM, has been faciliting the testing of the eyes of children of school age. One objective is to faciliate the training of the owners of shops in Mongolia which retail spectacles made in China to the Mongolian public, but who lack any acceptable level of training in testing eyes.

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