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During the last year ISS received the visits of Cai Ying Hong (CBM China and Mongolia regional administrator), Kirk Horton (regional advisor for education of the blind and partially sighted), Dr. Richard Le Mesuirer (VISION 2020 Regional Coordinator, Western Pacific Region) and Gerhard Schlenther (Programs Manager, Asia Pacific, International Centre for Eyecare Education) from Australia on assisting the training of optometrists in Mongolia, and Yamiam Chalam (regional adviser in mobility and living skills).

Summer 2007, John Gibbens met a Mr. Enh-taivan whilst staying at a holiday place in Mongolia, and found he has been running a glasses shop in Ulan Bator for the last 12 years, and was asking very keenly where he could get special training to do the job properly. ISS then developed the scheme of collecting together all the people who have already been running glasses shops and offering them professional training in Mongolia, sponsored by CBM / ISS and maybe other NGO's. Richard and Gerd came and met the group, and now this is the projected plan. We are also interested in involving Christian optometrists from other countries, if we can find people wanting to help with that.

CBM is asking ISS to consider widening their ministry to include children who have other handicaps apart from visual handicaps. We need people to come and help us with this. How about you?

Prayer Requests

PRAY for wisdom for ISS to continue developing services for the visually handicapped.

PRAY for optometrists from the west to volunteer to visit Mongolia, short or long term, and help visually impaired people. ISS will do its best to facilitate their work by supplying translators, arranging things with the Mongolian Ministry of Education, and helping with the logistics of getting them where they need to be!


Young or old, male or female, short or long term, if YOU can teach English, ISS can help you to start teaching English in Mongolian schools. You would need to be supported prayerfully and financially by your home church.

Skilled mechanically? ISS needs you to come once a year to repair and service our vehicles. Come have a holiday, come and do some sightseeing and come to serve!

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