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International Support Service (ISS)


International Support Service(ISS) is an evangelical Christian based aid and development agency located in Ulan Bator (Capital) of Mongolia.

Mongolia has a population of 2.4 million people.

ISS has a signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Mongolian Ministry of Education.

Currently the main work of ISS is providing education services to blind and visually handicapped people, especially children. ISS cooperates with the State run school for blind and visually handicapped children in Ulan Bator. It is the sole school of its kind in the whole country. The State is at the same time trying to establish a nationwide scheme whereby children with such handicaps live at home with their parents, and are integrated into ordinary schools like any other children of the same age. That is better for everyone, especially the child. The job of ISS is to help in whatever way it can with all of this, and receives much help from Christoffel Blinden Mission (CBM) in connection with this. ISS is also part of the ministry of Sharing Christ Internationally, in UK and is partially supported by Sharing Christ Internationally SCI. SCI is a registered charity in UK, No.328110

Since optometry services in Mongolia are extremely poor, ISS is also committed to helping to improve the screening of the eyes of all children, and the provision of spectacles where needed. ISS is also assisted in this by CBM.

CBM is an international charity which has a Christian basis, and which is committed to helping people with handicaps of all kinds.

In accordance with the international policy of CBM, ISS conforms to and upholds the CBM code of practice relating to "safety of the child" in terms of guarding against any form of physical, mental, verbal or sexual abuse. This is especially important for children with handicaps, as they are especially vulnerable.

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