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In 1990, ISS was the very first Charity to be established in Mongolia, and in that year started supplying State hospitals with medical goods which were donated by Christians in the west. At that time, when Soviet aid stopped, the hospitals were the hardest hit.


ISS was able to bring in over 3.5 million US dollars worth of aid, mainly medical, but also such items as clothes and vitamins. For example, Mongolia's only pyschiatric hospital was very greatly in need.ISS brought in blankets and may other essential goods for them. Many were the hospitals in receipt of aid from God's people through ISS.


ISS started work with the blind and partially sighted in 1992, and assisted by CBM, provided eye departments of State hospitals with equipment for eye surgery.

This was the start of the development of a ministry to people with such a handicap. ISS also helped towards the education and care of deaf children by the State.

As the supply of medical goods for hospitals stabilised with support from such as World Health Organisation, so the role of ISS changed over the years.

In the mid 1990s ISS moved into running a kindergarten for malnourished children, and especially those who through serious malnutrition which caused rickets, were unable to learn to walk. A good number of children were helped to walk for the first time through God's people providing help for them through ISS. But, when various other foreign financed organisations started giving just money to State kindergartens, ISS found that these kindergartens put pressure on ISS to do the same. This then caused ISS to have to stop this ministry.


By this time ISS was yearly running training courses for the teachers of visually handicapped children. In Mongolia, this is the only special training these teachers get for their vital job. CBM experts visit Mongolia and assist in this. ISS facilitates and arranges the courses.

During the courses it was realised that huge numbers of children in one rural locality were being said to be "visually handicapped". Over 70 of them in just one school! This is when ISS asked Richard Young, a British optometrist, to visit that school with them. The need of the children was spectacles and each child who needed them was given glasses free of charge, the correct prescription in every case. Visual handicap disappeared in that school.

Since 2005, the schools' program resulted in the testing of the eyesight of over 1220 school children in 14 schools. As a result of the program we discovered that the most common cause of visual impairment is uncorrected refractive error. This can be easily corrected if skilled optometrists are available, if their services are easily accessed, and if the service is affordable. Due to uncorrected refractive error children are treated as slow learners and are later school drop-outs. For lack of a very simple treatment, children are affected psychologically and even economically when their education suffers. Richard left back to UK in summer 2007.


ISS developed the scheme of collecting together all the people who have already been running glasses shops and offering them professional training in Mongolia, sponsored by CBM/ISS

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